TKR #15


  1. EKG by Wilco on Star Wars (dBPM)
  2. Taste The Calling by Wilco on Star Wars (dBPM)
  3. Foot Of The Hill by Boxed In on TBD (Nettwerk Music Group)
  4. Hot Summer by Cool Ghouls on I Need You Bad (Polyvinyl)
  5. Lapdog Apparition by Feral Kizzy on Slick Little Girl (Eliterecords)
  6. Wahoo by Meatbodies on Meatbodies (In The Red)
  7. Hot Dang by Hungry Skinny on Hot Dang (Light Rail Records)
  8. Shotgun Willie by Willie Nelson on Shotgun Willie (Atlantic)
  9. Add It Up by Violent Femmes on Violent Femmes (Slash Records)
  10. The Boy With The Thorn in His Side by The Smiths on The Queen is Dead (Warner Music)
  11. Wasted Life by Stiff Little Fingers on All The Best (Parlophone Records)
  12. Tom Sawyer by Rush on Moving Picture (Island)
  13. Oh, Me by Meat Puppets on II
  14. Get Got by Death Grips on The Money Store (Epic Records)
  15. The Door by The Green Door on The Green Door
  16. Mystery by Boxed In on boxed in (nettwerk productions)
  17. Run by Ghostface on The Pretty Toney Album (Def Jam)
  18. Tension by All Your Sisters on Modern Failures (Young Cubs)
  19. Thought I Could Know by Tiaras on Tiaras (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  20. Way Too Much by Wavves on V (Warner Brothers)
  21. Revolution 9/11 by The Sidesteppers
  22. Jacuzzi by Antwon
  23. Somos Dos by Bomba Estereo on Amanecer (Sony)
  24. Postales by Federico Aubele on Gran Hotel Buenos Aires (Nacional Records)
  25. Reason by Bully on Feels Like (Columbia Records)
  26. Bathed in Light by Gengahr on She's a Witch
  27. Clouds by Valet on Nature (Kranky)