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Tender Knob Radio first played Somos Dos at 3:35pm on Tuesday 21st Jul, 2015.


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  • Hey todes, Seb here. I'm currently in LA still celebrating that I graduated from San Francisco State. Here's last week's program. I love ya'll.

    Las Mañanas

  • Hola, que tal! Seb here. Today's episode starts with a mix of upbeat pop, salsa and reggaeton. I'm in a celebratory mood, come join the party…

    Las Mañanas 120 mins

  • Another week of midday tunes to get you through here on BFF.FM

    Yours, Teddy 120 mins

  • Hola, que tal! Seb here. Today's episode starts with a mix of rock, salsa for an hour and then some alternative. Truthfully, I should've made this…

    Las Mañanas

  • Hey ya'll, Seb here. Today's episode goes from up tempo Dance songs, Alt-rock, Rock en Español, and the latest songs that came out these two years.

    Las Mañanas

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Las Mañanas is for those interested in jamming to Latin music in the mornings. Every show, the host, Sebastian Miño-Bucheli, brings you a mix that includes music made by Latinx Artists and interviews with local Bay Area artists.


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