ShortyRock - Ep #31 - Rocking out, dancing with myself


  1. LOVE DANCE by MY BABY on My Baby Live! (PIAS)
  2. Pista (Fresh Start) by Los Bitchos on Let the Festivities Begin! (City Slang)
  3. Three Straight Bitches From Hell by Tianna Esperanza on Terror (BMG)
  4. Sara Get the Baby by Kristeen Young on The Beauty Shop (test tube baby)
  5. Cake 4 The Women by CLT DRP on Nothing Clever, Just Feelings (Venn)
  6. Music For Spies by Snooper on Super Snooper (Third Man)
  7. Fears by Lime Garden on One More Thing (So Young) New
  8. Break
  9. Thick Waltz by Glasser on Crux (One Little Independent) New
  10. Another Way by Jasce (Graydient Collective) New
  11. Almacen de Datos (feat Ana Tijoux) by Sara Hebe on Sucia Estrella (Self)
  12. Ninx by Ana Tijoux on Vida (Nacional) New
  13. Damage by Space Vacuum From Outer Space on Epitaxy Center (Sucking Sound Records (self)) Local
  14. Palenke by Bomba Estereo on Blow Up (Nacional)
  15. You've Got A Woman by Lion on You've Got A Woman (Numero Group)
  16. Backwards by Alice Cohen on Into The Grey Salons (Olde English Spelling Bee)
  17. There There by Mama Zu on There There (Cosmic Twin) New
  18. Socks On by Parkington Sisters on Collide (Self)