ShortyRock - Ep #30 - Bandcamp birthday


  1. I'm In Love (Discomacks edtended edit) by Jennifer Lara on I'm In Love (Discomacks edtended edit) (Bandcamp)
  2. meet me in brooklyn by Yaya Bey on Remember Your North Star (Big Dada)
  3. Homesickness by Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru on Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru (Bandcamp)
  4. I Cry (Night after Night) by Egyptian Lover on 1983 - 1988 (Bandcamp)
  5. El arca de Mima by Mima on El arca de Mima (Dizque Discos / La Casa del Sombrero)
  6. La Diabla by Xavi on La Diabla (Interscope) New
  7. Booom by Dengue Dengue Dengue on Serpiente Dorada (Enchufada)
  8. Disco by Sextile on 3 (felte)
  9. Patty Cake by Captain Planet on NO VISA (Bastard Jazz)
  10. ZaZa and Some Runtz (Smoke Break) by Terry Presume on ZaZa and Some Runtz (Smoke Break) (September Recordings)
  11. Taxicab Confessions by Fly Anakin, Foisey on Skinemaxx (Side B) (Lex) New
  12. Anneurysm by Felt on Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci (Rhymesayers)
  13. More Than U Know by Prince Paul, De La Soul on Prince Among Theives (Tommy Boy Music)
  14. Feelin' Myself by Mac Dre on The Best of Mac Dre (Bandcamp) Local
  15. Evercall by TR/ST on TR/ST EP (Dais) New
  16. Bailando Sola Aqui by Ana Tijoux on Vida (Victoria Producciones) New