Oct 22


  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water by Johnny Cash on American IV: The Man Comes Around (American Recording Company)
  2. I-i Thina Lapha Esishupekayo (Rodesia) by George Sibanda on Guitar Music of Africa / Recordings 1950 - 1955 (Musical Ark)
  3. Hold Out For Love by James Yorkston, Nina Persson & The Second Hand Orchestra (Domino) New
  4. sinoloan restaurant by dear nora (Orindal) New
  5. F.O.O.F by Frankie Cosmos on Inner World Peace (Sub Pop) New
  6. Sundown by Hannah Jadagu on What Is Going On? (Sub Pop)
  7. Diamond Light by Breanna Barbara on Diamond Light (Fuzz Club) New
  8. Hate to See You Go by The Mantles on All Odds End (Slumberland) Local
  9. Keep Your Secrets Close by The Reds, Pinks, and Purples on They Only Wanted Your Soul (Slumberland) New Local
  10. Half Measures by Free Time on Jangle Jargon (Bedroom Suck) New
  11. Glad You Came by Passion Fruit Boys on Glad You Came (Telefono) New
  12. Only Lovers Left Alive by Taleen Kali (Dum Dum Records) New
  13. Futuro by Kokoshca, Erik Urano (Sonido Muchacho) New
  14. Pictionary by Peel Dream Magazine on Pad (Slumberland) New
  15. A Cantiga De Juan C by Triángulo de Amor Bizarro (Mushroom Pillow)
  16. Parc Fermé by Benjamin Biolay, Adé on Grand Prix (Polydor)
  17. How It Ends by Toledo (Grand Jury) New
  18. Loretta by Ginger Root (Acrophase)