"fire seed and fire feed"


  1. Pyres on Pyres by Alder & Ash on The Crowneater (self released)
  2. TK2_Wavefolder by Tyondai Braxton, Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr (artistic director/conductor), Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Dianne Berkun Menaker (conductor), The Crossing, Donald Nally (conductor) on Tyondai Braxton: Telekinesis (New Amsterdam/Nonesuch) New
  3. Bog Body by Keeley Forsyth & Ross Downes (NMC)
  4. Lambs’ Breath by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress (Constellation)
  5. Death And The Maiden by Clogs on Lantern (Brassland)
  6. Paul Giovanni: Fire Leap by Gazelle Twin & NYX on Deep England (NYX Collective)
  7. Jason Eckardt: Populus tremuloides – “Quaking Aspen” by Stephanie Lamprea on Quaking Aspen (New Focus)
  8. Stacy Garrop: Rites for the Afterlife – II. Passage through the Netherworld by Akropolis Reed Quintet on Ghost Light (New Focus) New
  9. Do You Hear Me Now? by Adrianne Munden-Dixon, Carrie Frey, Julia Henderson on Finola Merivale: Tús (New Focus)
  10. To Rest Near To You by Rachel's on The Sea And The Bells (Quarter-stick)
  11. Sam Krahn: Resistance/Resonance by Duo Gelland on 113 Composers Collective: Resistance/Resonance (New Focus)
  12. Foiled by Yellow Swans on Going Places (Type)
  13. Jennifer Bellor: This We Have Now by Clocks in Motion on Oneira (Aerocade)
  14. Aaron Jay Myers: Strabismus by NakedEye Ensemble on A Series of Indecipherable Glyphs (New Focus)
  15. Nightmare Eyes by Cave In on Heavy Pendulum (Relapse)