cheetle radio 11.11.22...crocodlyic

hello, cheetles.

we've sharpened our teeth and shined up our scales. tonight's playlist is a little bitey. expect a show that chomps.


amber & britt


  1. midnight dipper by Warmduscher on tainted lunch (the leaf label)
  2. Power Joystick by The Herms on Record Machine (Jackpine Social Club)
  3. Don't Call by Prettiest Eyes on Pools (Castle Face)
  4. Chalice by Frankie and the Witch Fingers on Electricide B/W Chalice (Greenway/ Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  5. Penetrating Eye by THEE OH SEES on Drop (Castle Face)
  6. Our Power (Live at Sunrise Studios) by Kedama on The Complete Collection (Castle Face)
  7. Surrender by POW! on Fight Fire (Castle Face)
  8. Smoko by The Chats on Get This In Ya (Hot Wax Records)
  9. I Want My Minutes Back by Snapped Ankles on Come Play The Trees (The Leaf Label Ltd)
  10. No Remark by Duds on Of a Nature or Degree (Castle Face)
  11. Modern Love / No Weapon by Priests on Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni)
  12. Eyes by Wine Lips on Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (Stomp)
  13. Operation Pt.II by Uranium Club on All of them Nautrals (Static Shock)
  14. Like A Comet by Eddy Current Suppression Ring on All in Good Time (Castle Face)
  15. Hazelwart by ORB on Naturality (Castle Face)
  16. (They Found Me In The Back Of The) Galaxy by The Intelligence on Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
  17. Troglodyte by Viagra Boys on Cave World (YEAR0001)
  18. Land of the Freak by King Khan and the Shrines on What Is?! (Merge Records)
  19. Keep on Talkin' by The Slop on The Slop (Outro Records)