transfiguration #265 fall feels mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Outro by Amerigo Gazaway on SEASONS: Shades of Autumn (self released)
  2. Rombo by Rauelsson and Tatu Rönkkö on Myriadi (Beacon Sound)
  3. Sudany by Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka on Languoria (Mondoj)
  4. Ganiau by Merope on Naktės (granvat)
  5. Ballad of a Sleepless Traveler by Sweatson Klank on Postcards (Friends Of Friends)
  6. Hedgehogs by Ben McElroy on How I Learnt To Disengage From the Pack (The Slow Music Movement)
  7. Mammoth Star by Golden Brown on Luminous (Inner Islands)
  8. Rites of Spring by Haress on Ghosts (Wrong Speed Records)
  9. Nightwater by Pan American on The Patience Fader (kranky)
  10. Beginner's Mind by Robert Haigh on Human Remains (Unseen Worlds)
  11. Publicidade Arco e Flecha by Funcionário on Cavalcante (Holuzam)
  12. We Leave This Morning with the Dogs for Hope Point by Dane Law on Blue Forty - Six (Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)
  13. New European Optimism by William Doyle on Near Future Residence (Tough Love)
  14. Noonday Yellows by Ernest Hood on Back to the Woodlands (Freedom To Spend)
  15. The Bluff by Heather Woods Broderick on Domes (Dauw)
  16. Ichi by Jeannine Schulz on Humble (Polar Seas)
  17. Guaral (feat. Amaru) by Vinicio Adames on Guaral (feat. Amaru) - Single (Music For Dreams)
  18. C U R R E N T (feat. Mikaela Davis) by Photay on An Offering (International Anthem)
  19. Svalbard by Yuto Takei on MA EP (Maloca)
  20. Crystal Ball by Light Sound Library on Chill & Fun Tunes (Light Sound Library)
  21. Mushroom Umbrella by Forgiveness on Next Time Could Be Your Last Time (Gondwana Records)
  22. Every Break Is Unique by Halftribe on Elegant, Golden (Dronarivm)
  23. To Eve by Nueen on Diagrams of Thought (Balmat)
  25. Blue Surround by Seahawks on Infinite Echo (Cascine)
  26. Memories from Japan by The Kyoto Connection on The Flower, The Bird and the Mountain (Isle Of Jura Records)
  27. Rosemary by Isik Kural on Maya's Night (Audiobulb Records)
  28. Eleven by 222 on Song For Joni (Studio Mule)
  29. Fonte by Fabiano do Nascimento on Fonte - Single (Now-Again Records)
  30. Kulen natt by Golden Ivy on Monika (Malmö Inre)
  31. Treadmill Patterns by N Kramer on Treadmill Patterns - Single (Leaving Records)
  32. Le Paix du Senegal (Instrumental) by Wau Wau Collectif on Mariage (Sahel Sounds & Sing a Song Fighter)
  33. Of Mystic Dreams by Chari Chari on We Hear the Last Decades Dreaming (Seeds And Ground)
  34. Island by Svaneborg Kardyb on Over Tage (Gondwana Records)
  35. Sunset Village by Group Listening on Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 2 (PRAH Recordings)
  36. January 11 by Pat Benjamin on Thorn Valley (World of Echo)