World of Echo



Most recently, Transfiguration played Marble Walls by Tara Clerkin Trio on Sunday 14th Apr, 2024.

On has played World of Echo releases from artists such as Tara Clerkin Trio, Cat's Miaow, Tera Clerkin, Pat Benjamin, Läuten der Seele, Valentina Magaletti.


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Playing lost and found rare gems, collections from the past, and boogie jams from the present. Those things include: electronic, jazz, art rock, soul, mix noise, hip hop, indie, ambient and boogie.

Experimental electronic and electroacoustic soundscapes, from ambient to avant-pop.

Mixing a musical nightcap of ambient, experimental and post-everything bliss

sweet n’ dreamy jams that make you feel your feelings, with a focus on #bayarea musicians. brought to you every friday morning by sweet t. :')

A lush lineup of tunes every week from around the genre gauntlet, featuring new (and some old) tracks from artists local and around the world. Spread on thick for maximum enjoyment.

Welcome to Bean's World, a show dedicated to the space in between. Come along as we discover what the noise uncovers.

Celebrating the last year of teenager-hood. Exploring poetry, girlhood and music. What more could a woman want?