Sounds In The Dark - 11.23.22

Tonight's edition features new music by Sunda Arc, Arovane + Taylor Deupree, Neil Cowley, and some longform beauty from Kali Malone, Erik Truffaz + Murcof and some early music from Gas!


  1. Beacons by Sunda Arc on Distant Siren (Gondwana Records)

    New Sunda Arc's newest record is now live as of the 18th of November. Enjoy!

  2. Etta_Lorn by Arovane + Taylor Deupree (12k) New
  3. North Wind by SUSS on Winter Was Hard (Northern Spy) New
  4. Earth Blossom by Sebastian Mullaert on All the Keys Are Here (Apollo Records)
  5. Nereid by Kelly Moran on Ultraviolet (Warp Records)
  6. Living Torch I by Kali Malone on Living Torch (Portraits GRM) New
  7. Sink The Outlook by Billow Observatory on Stareside (felte)
  8. Breaka by Neil Cowley (Mote) New
  9. Gas by Experiments on Live Electricity on Gas 0095 (Microscopics)
  10. We're So Young That We'll Never Grow Old by Dylan Henner (AD 93) New
  11. Daybreak by Wang Wen on Invisible City (Pelagic Records)
  12. The Sticks by Burnt Friedman, Jaki Liebezeit on Secret Rhythms, Vol. 2 (Freibank)
  13. Warhole by Erik Truffaz + Murcof on Being Human Being (Mundo Recordings)