Casually Crying - Episode 197 - Valley Palace, Ruby Haunt, Almond Joy, Kadhja Bonet


  1. I Had an Excellent Dream by The Dentists on Some People Are on the Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now (Trouble In Mind)
  2. Break
  3. Featured Victory Lap by Valley Palace on Single (Self-Released) New
  4. Note On the Table by The Cat's Miaow on Songs 94'-98' (World of Echo)
  5. How Long Will It Take by Orchid Mantis on How Long Will It Take (Spirit Goth)
  6. High Tide by Terry vs. Tori on Leap Day (Spirit Goth)
  7. Laughing Heart by Ruby Haunt on Cures for Opposites (Self-Released)
  8. Break
  9. Dream Come True by Dolly Mixture on Demonstration Tapes (Self-Released)
  10. Ready to Die by Body Double on Milk Fed (Self-Released) Local
  11. Candy (Payton's Song) by Girlo (Matador)
  12. Sorry Ur Mad by DILLY DALLY on Heaven (Partisan)
  13. Feel Fine by Young Prisms on Friends For Now (Kanine) Local
  14. Break
  15. I Was More of a Mess Then by Comet Gain (Tapete)
  16. 100 Grand by Almond Joy on Oh Henry! (perrenial.) Local
  17. Glow in the Dark by Mo Dotti on Blurring (Smoking Room)
  18. High by Slow Pulp on Big Day (Self-Released)
  19. Better Luck by Beachtape (Self-Released) New
  20. Break
  21. For You by Kadhja Bonet (Ninja Tune)
  22. Today (with Tirzah) by Mura Masa, Tirzah on R.Y.C (Polydor)
  23. Hearts Aglow by Weyes Blood on And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow (Sub Pop) New