1. Koi Ru by SoiSong on qXn948s (Dais) New
  2. Bad Dreams by Rabit on What Dreams May Come (Halcyon Veil) New
  3. Aura of the Afterlife 1 by Roy Montgomery on Camera Melancholia (Ba Da Bing) New
  4. Idle Citi by Merely & Malibu on Idle Citi (YEAR0001)
  5. Sonic Binoculars by Arve Henriksen & Kjetil Husebø on Sequential Stream (Smalltown Supersound) New
  6. Angel's Share by J.Tripp on Lethe (Haunter) New
  7. black star by Klein on STAR IN THE HOOD (Parkwuud Entertainment) New
  8. Prelude for Rational Freshness by Noémi Büchi on Matter (-OUS) New
  9. Voltairine III - Unheeding the Storm - Blasts Will Walk Together by Sean Addicott on Destroyertones (Outsider Art)