1. Featured B2 by Paperclip Minimiser on Paperclip Minimiser (Peak Oil) New
  2. Cascades IV by Pedro Vian & Mana on Cascades EP (Modern Obscure Music) New
  3. just by KMRU on epoch (Seil) New
  4. Moths & Stars by Aviva Endean on Moths & Stars (Room40) New
  5. With Water Up To Her Knees by Lisa Lerkenfeldt on With Water Up To Her Knees (Shelter Press) New
  6. Threnody For The Child Of Omelas by Xao on Wirehead (C.A.N.V.A.S.) New
  7. The Softened Shore by Peter Knight on Shadow Phase (Room40) New
  8. Violet by Loscil & Lawrence English on Colours Of Air (Kranky) New
  9. Featured We're So Young That We'll Never Grow Old by Dylan Henner on You Always Will Be (AD 93) New
  10. K​ä​rp​ä​ssieni by Cucina Povera on Tuhka (Infinite Greyscale) New