november highlights


  1. lovelost by motifs on remember a stranger (spikyfruits) New
  2. Prism of Feeling by Soft Blue Shimmer on Love Lives in the Body (Other People) New
  3. Come Around by Carla dal Forno on Come Around (Kalista) New
  4. Wood (feat. Yu Su) by Duval Timothy on Meeting with a Judas Tree (Carrying Colour) New
  5. Grapevine by Weyes Blood on And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (Sub Pop) New
  6. when i fall asleep (feat. Della Zyr) by moondaughter on phosphenes and iridescent lights (Delirio Prod) New
  7. Galatea by Doon Kanda on Galatea (wwwomb) New
  8. Bassline by CS + Kreme on Orange (The Trilogy Tapes) New
  9. a break from angel by Klein on STAR IN THE HOOD (Parkwuud Entertainment) New
  10. ... by ooodisea on O' dimness SOUL HOME (self-released) New
  11. The Journey by Tom Skinner on Voices of Bishara (Brownswood) New
  12. Nos Embranchements by Fievel is Glauque on Flaming Swords (la loi) New
  13. song by Ulla on Foam (3XL) New
  14. The Local by Eden Samara on Rough Night (Local Action) New
  15. Featured Cherry Blue Intention by Special Interest on Endure (Rough Trade) New
  16. Mess Mend by Horse Lords on Comradely Objects (RVG INT) New