winter, year 2


  1. girl winter by SUPERCOLLIDER on Going to Hell & Taking You With Me (self-released) New
  2. True Loss by Holy Fawn on Dimensional Bleed (Triple Crown) New
  3. Christmas Escape by Sally Shapiro on Sad Cities (Italians Do It Better) New
  4. Steps on Ice by Atrament on Konwulsja (self-released) New
  5. Snow Globes by Black Country, New Road on Ants From Up There (Ninja Tune) New
  6. Melt a Bed by Asian Glow, Weatherday on Weatherglow (Porcelain) New
  7. Metro 1 by deathcrash on Return (Untitled Recs Limited) New
  8. kind of blue by Winter on What Kind of Blue Are You? (Bar None) New
  9. Untitled by Knifeplay on Animal Drowning (Topshelf) New
  10. If We Make It Through December by Phoebe Bridgers on So Much Wine (Dead Oceans) New
  11. winter by Klein on STAR IN THE HOOD (Parkwuud Entertainment) New
  12. 0°C by Whatever The Weather on Whatever The Weather (Ghostly) New