12/21/22 Part 1 - Best of G's Chill Lounge 2022 - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

Not a countdown but a reminiscent playlist of music from 2022.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Love Games by Fallen Roses on Single (Lofi Fruits)
  2. Skydive (Originals) by Alicia Keys on KEYS (RCA Records)
  3. Palm Trees by Phabo on Soulquarious (Soulection/Over Everything)
  4. What's Good by Skylar Stecker on Single (Self Release)
  5. You Can Get It by REGI FLIH on Careless (Dough Related)
  6. Drive feat. Fana Hues by See You Next Year on Single (Self Release)
  7. Backroom by makro on Single (Self Release)
  8. In My Feelings by Yuna, Hojean on Single (Indiefy)
  9. On Me by Vandell Andrew on Single (Self Release)
  10. Can't Help Myself by Eric Zayne on Single (Self Release)
  11. 90s Kinda Love feat. Teedra Moses by THE COLLEAGUES on Single (The Colleagues Music, LLC)
  12. Girl Uno by Mauimoon, La Soulchyld on Single (Self Release)
  13. Lean On Your World by Silk Cinema on A Place In The Universe (Self Release)
  14. Honey feat Muni Long by John Legend on Single (UMG Recordings)
  15. Sidetrack by Jordana of Earth on 10K (HEAVEN Records)
  16. Tear This Love Apart by Stephan Mahendra on Single (Bamboo Recordings)
  17. Stay Out Of It with J. Warner by SIPPRELL on Single (Self Release)
  18. Need Love feat. Usher by Mary J. Blige on Good Morning Gorgeous (300 Entertainment)
  19. Blu Moon by THEY. on Single (AWAL Recordings)
  20. Complicated feat. John Concepcion by Olivia Bragoli on Single (Self Release)
  21. Say Less by Jamie Boy on Single (Self Release)
  22. x's and o's feat. DCMBR by Thuy on i hope you see this (Deluxe) (Venice Music) Local
  23. Too Much feat. Lucky Daye by Mark Ronson on Single (Sony Music)
  24. Touch feat. Isadora by Dabeull on Cosmic Fonk (Dabeull Records)
  25. Anyone Else feat. Supertaste by NICHOLAAS on Single (Neon Legacy)
  26. Lights Off by KALLITECHNIS, Misha & Jussi Halme on Single (Self Release)
  27. Bluffin' by Hojean on Single (Self Release)
  28. Tempted by Silk Cinema on A Place In The Universe (Self Release)
  29. Reign Love by Dorian on Single (Dorian Christian Inc)
  30. All I Want feat. Zashanell (Chillout Mix) by Genix on Single (Ajunabeats)
  31. after dinner by DESH, Nocatchphraze e Søren Søstrom on Single (Coleslaw)
  32. Natural by GSoul on Natural (Warner Music)
  33. Closer Than Air by Nikkaela on Single (Self Release)
  34. Deep End by Alex Price on Single (Priceless Records)
  35. Pleasure feat. RINI by Abrina on Single (Dazzle Records)
  36. Equal Sign by J-Hope of BTS on Jack In The Box (BigHit Music)
  37. Back Times Two by B. Bravo on Vizionz (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
  38. Swing My Way by Brandy Haze on Silouette, Vol 2 EP (Rich by 30 Records)
  39. Jazz Cafe (GCL Theme/Outro) by D.Brax on 330 (Self Release) Local