12/28/22 Part 2 - Best of G's Chill Lounge 2022 - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

Not a countdown but a reminiscent playlist of music from 2022.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. R & B Chill Vibes by Yaahn Hunter Jr. on Single (yhuntermusic) Local
  2. Long Overdue by Phabo on Before I Let Her Go EP (Phabo LLC)
  3. Already Yours by SIPPRELL on Single (Self Release)
  4. Twin Flame feat. Anderson Paak by Kaytranada on Single (RCA Records)
  5. 2NLuv (feat. Benziboy) by Jenevieve on Single (Joyface Records)
  6. Tempo by Nieman on Single (Self Release)
  7. So High by Destiny Claymore on Single (Self Release)
  8. For Tonight feat. Syd by Larry June on Spaceships On The Blade (EMPIRE) Local
  9. I Won't Fall To Your Love by Nick Moore on Single (Moore Records)
  10. Like To Love by Becca TG x Kola on Single (Self Release)
  11. Avant Garde by THE CODE on Single (Self Release)
  12. More by FLISS on Situations EP (DMY)
  13. You Ain't Gotta by Hojean on Single (Self Release)
  14. Don't Make Sense feat. Beth Duck by Golden Air on Single (morethanair)
  15. Doubts by THE PAST on Single (Self Release)
  16. Back To Us by Two Another on Back To Us (Another Label)
  17. Make Believe by Yuna on Y4 (YRR)
  18. DNA (Part 2) by Craig David on Single (TS5/Moor Records)
  19. Fate feat. alayna by Alex Lustig on Fate (Pyur Beats)
  20. With U by James Vickery on Single (Left Side Recordings)
  21. Euphoria by Vandell Andrew, THE COLLEAGUES on Single (Vandell Andrew & The Colleagues, LLC)
  22. Getting Late by Kenyon Dixon on Single (Self Release)
  23. headlock feat. Lindsey Ray (Tep No Remix) by Marshall on Single (KVM Recordds)
  24. Give It To Me feat. Raven J by 4 Korners on Single (Self Release)
  25. Divine feat. Deverano by HVSH on Single (Self Release)
  26. Call On Me by Through The Roots on Single (Mozart Records)
  27. Aura by Justin Garner on Single (The Foundation)
  28. Close 2 U by Savannah Dumetz on Single (Self Release)
  29. No Titles by Cam Cone on Single (Cream Rises Ltd.)
  30. Mutual Hues by Alamay on How To Win EP (Self Release)
  31. Airplane Mode feat. Ace Hashimoto by Kero Uno on Single (Plug Label)
  32. All We Need feat. Syauqi Destanika by Blue Soul Ten on This Is Worth It (Self Release)
  33. Breathe by Savannah Dumetz on Single (Self Release)
  34. Regrets by JYDN HILL on Single (1Sept Records Inc)
  35. Live Like This feat. Emma Brammer by Blank & Jones on Relax, Edition 14 (Soundcolours)
  36. What's Good by edbl on edbl & friends - James Berkeley (edbl recordings)
  37. Slide feat. Janelle Mack by Misha on Single (Sundae Sauuce)
  38. Nirvana feat. Phabo by Dylan Reese on Single (Pretty Pretty Productions)
  39. This Time by Amie Blu on 5 For U (Ciao For Now)
  40. Yet To Come by BTS on Proof (BigHit Music)
  41. Talkin' Jazz by Blank & Jones on Single (Soundcolours) New