23rd Shadowtime Holiday Spectacular

No, Lily Sloane and her robot co-host, Alec Blaese, are not exactly OK. Welcome to the (fictional) 23rd Shadowtime Holiday Spectacular, where Lily and Alec bring in special guests and feature (fictional) live studio performances.

Joining them are the (fictional) Holy Light 1000 Choir, who honestly don't sing very well or really capture a positive Christmas vibe at all; the (fictional) industrial heavy metal legend Dread Pirate Dannon, who's just put out a Christmas album and needs cash real bad; and a (fictional) 6 year old from New Jersey who wants lungs for Christmas.

Thank you Ben Ward for creating the very touching and urgent 1-800-BRR-TOES PSA; Martin Zaltz Austwick for your portrayal as Dread Pirate Dannon and your incredible metal cover of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"; and Lauren Selfridge for your extremely authentic portrayal of 6-yo Jeremy.

The second half of the show is just music that I've been wanting to play for a while. I also make a tribute to composer and long time David Lynch collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti, who died this week at 85. Here's a link to the video I played on the show.


  1. Neon by Jockstrap on I love you jennifer B (Rough Trade)
  2. Midnight Sun by Nilüfer Yanya on PAINLESS (ATO)
  3. Laura Palmer's Theme by Angelo Badalamenti on Twin Peaks (Original Soundtrack) (Warner Bros.)
  4. Jump Back into My Mouth and Breath the Stardust by Black Moth Super Rainbow on Dandelion Gum (Rad Cult)
  5. I'll Fight You by Open Mike Eagle on Component System with the Auto Reverse (Auto Reverse)
  6. Pygmalion by Cassandra Jenkins on Pygmalion (Secretly Canadian)
  7. Recommencer by This Is the Kit on Off Off Oddities (Rough Trade)