transfiguration #269 falling asleep underneath a tree mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. H O N O R (feat. Mikaela Davis & Carlos Niño & Friends) by Photay on An Offering (International Anthem)
  2. 25°C by Whatever The Weather on Whatever The Weather (Ghostly International)
  3. Voix Ferrique by Tape Loop Orchestra on Places For Peace (Home Normal)
  4. Closer by Blue Divers on Blue Divers II (Bedroom Suck Records)
  5. New Spirits by Teen Daze on New Spirits - Single (Cascine)
  6. Ely Revisited by BJ Cole on Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. XI : Chrome Universal - A Survey of Modern Pedal Steel (Tompkins Square)
  7. Infinite Iridescent Incidental by Golden Brown on Luminous (Inner Islands)
  8. Triangle by Yuko Kono on Time is Away - Ballads (A Colourful Storm)
  9. Madrid by Hayden Pedigo on Greetings From Amarillo (Ramada Trail Records)
  10. IX by Nathan Salsburg on Landwerk No. 3 (No Quarter Records)
  11. The Harmony and Also I Became Square Movement by M. Geddes Gengras on Expressed, I Noticed Silence (Hausu Mountain)
  12. Tendency by Tokio Ono on Individuals (Not Not Fun Records)
  13. You Are (feat. AGF) by Federico Madeddu Giuntoli on You Are (feat. AGF) - Single (flau)
  14. An Individual by Dania on Voz (Geographic North)
  15. Malvina by Gigi Masin on Vahiné (Language of Sound)
  16. Cryotherapy by Devin Shaffer on In the Deep Drift You Will Find the Most Serene of Lullabies (American Dreams Records)
  17. Beneharo y el Abismo by Javier Segura on Amo mi Tierra Guanche (4087603 Records DK)
  18. Our Wretched Fantasy by Rachika Nayar on Heaven Come Crashing (NNA Tapes)
  19. We Find Our Center by Brin, Dntel & More Eaze on Futurangelics (Leaving Records)
  20. Sharing Prosperity by Salamanda on Sharing Prosperity - Single (DVTK)
  21. Precession of The Equinox II by Brogan Bentley on Precession of The Equinox (LEAVING RECORDS)
  22. Natural Disruption by Relmer on H2o (Rush Hour)
  23. Galaxy Time by Seahawks on Infinite Echo (Cascine)
  24. Infinita (feat. Clara Valente) [Kenneth Bager & Mads Hammer Remix] by Troels Hammer on Infinita (Kenneth Bager & Mads Hammer Remix) [feat. Clara Valente] - Single (Music For Dreams)
  25. Move 2 by Cofaxx on Trace (other realm sound)