"won't be sorry"


  1. No More Honey by Blonde Redhead on Barragan (self released)
  2. Wish You Would by Badvril (self released) Local
  3. Strange Days by Greet Death on New Hell (Deathwish)
  4. Solar by Aluminum on Windowpane EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  5. Hello Hawk by Superchunk on Come Pick Me Up (Merge)
  6. Neon Night by Outside on Green In You (Head2Wall)
  7. Funny by Columba Livia on Midnight Reveals (self released) Local
  8. Daisy by Superbloom (self released)
  9. Hard To Swallow by Narrow Head on 12th House Rock (Run For Cover)
  10. Hey You by LOWLIVES on Hey You EP (self released)
  11. Dead Set Eyes by Emma Ruth Rundle on On Dark Horses (Sargent House)
  12. In Time by Pure Hex on Still Dark (Neon Blood Bath) Local
  13. The Dead Are Dumb by Nothing on Tired of Tomorrow (Relapse)
  14. Ciao! by Lush on Lovelife (4AD)
  15. About Leaving by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  16. Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine on Loveless (Sire)
  17. Rift by Lacing on Without (Elder Magick)
  18. Folding by Hum on Inlet (Earth Analog)
  19. Look to You by Land of Talk on [Indistinct Conversations] (Saddle Creek)
  20. Pipe And Pistol by Spacemoth on No Past No Future (Wax Nine) Local
  21. In Dreams by cursetheknife on Thank You For Being Here Pt II EP (New Morality Zine)
  22. Luster by Dambuilders on Against the Stars (Elektra)
  23. You Don't by Tricky on Maxinquaye (Island)
  24. Daydreaming by Blue Daisy on Darker Than Blue (R&S)
  25. BETTY (for Boogie) by Jamila Woods on LEGACY! LEGACY! (Jagjaguwar)
  26. Erased The Night (Club Mix) by Smalltown DJs (feat. Lisa Lobsinger) (Fool's Gold)
  27. Maniacs by Laser on Night Driver (FORESEEN ENTERTAINMENT)