just another manic monday over here pickleplaneteers

bunch of new music by some local bands and a little bb listening party to the latest guided by voices and bass drum of death releases :)

oooh and send me your valentines day shootouts if you've got em

lovey dovey shit or not I don't care

dm @pickleplanetradio to let em know how you feel

<3 </3


  1. Featured night fell by hibou on arc (Barsuk) New
  2. Featured nocturnal boys by the circulators on S/T (willow house) New Local
  3. Featured broken mirrors by the circulators on S/T (willowhouse) New Local
  4. Featured glass roses by the losers on born to lose (willowhouse) Local
  5. Featured hippy sick by the losers on lease on life (willowhouse) New Local
  7. Featured falling down by teen mortgage on life/death (KING PIZZA RECORDS) New
  8. Featured fuck it by shit present on fuck it (specialist subject) New
  9. Featured everybody's gonna be there by bass drum of death on everybody's gonna be there (fat possum records) New
  10. Featured tough love by surf rock is dead on drama (born losers records) New
  11. Featured show me the world by surf rock is dead on drama (born losers records) New
  12. Featured can't go anywhere by foliage on can't go anywhere (foliage) New
  13. Featured laughter by savagery on laughter (lingon) New
  14. Featured Queen of Spaces by Guided by Voices on Queen of Spaces (GBV Inc.) New
  15. Featured wild kingdom by guided by voices on La La Land (Guided by Voices) New
  16. Featured I am the one that I love by sleep well on I am the one that I love (sleep well)
  17. Featured the fire by television on adventure (elektra)
  18. Featured captain soul by the byrds on fifth dimension (sony)
  19. Featured anything at all by Crosby, Stills, and Nash on CSN (Altantic)