"do it in remembrance of me" pt. 1

The first of two episodes looking back at some of my favorite contemporary classical, experimental electronic, and other art music releases from 2022...


  1. Årstabron Arch no.2 by Jon Collin on Bridge Variations (or The Song of Stokholm) (Discreet)
  2. Shara Nova: No. 38, You are the ghost by Shara Nova & A Far Cry on Rachel Grimes, Angélica Negrón, Shara Nova, Caroline Shaw & Sarah Kirkland Snider: The Blue Hour (New Amsterdam & Nonesuch)
  3. Beech by NYX & Laura Misch on Songs of Epping Forest :: Dreamscapes for Voice, Saxophone and Trees (NYX Collective)
  4. Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti: with eyes the color of time: Open Triangles by String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Eli Spindel (conductor) on enfolding (New Focus)
  5. A Caso by Hatis Noit on Aura (Erased Tapes)
  6. Allison Loggins-Hull: Homeland by Jennifer Grim on Through Broken Time (New Focus)
  7. The Unfolding by Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra on The Unfolding (Real World)
  8. Blood Brother by Emily Wells on Regards to the End (Thesis & Instinct)
  9. Liquid, Fragile by Rane Moore, Gabriela Diaz, Mark Berger, Rafael Popper-Keizer on Marti Epstein: Nebraska Impromptu (New Focus)
  10. Shallows by Hawktail on Place of Growth (Padiddle)
  11. K.B. by Sophia Subbayya Vastek on In Our Softening (self released)
  12. Showan Tavakol: Kamalto: II by Kimia Hesabi on Nemāno Gaona (New Focus)
  13. Tania León: Esencia: III. Agua de Manantial by Bergamot Quartet on In the Brink (New Focus)
  14. Darkness by Molly Joyce on Perspective (New Amsterdam)
  15. Finola Merivale: The Language of Mountains is Rain by Adrianne Munden-Dixon, Caroline Drexler, Carrie Frey, Julia Henderson on Finola Merivale & Desdemona: Tús (New Focus)
  16. Octet: III. Fantasia by Eastman Wind Ensemble, Mark Scatterday (conductor) on David Liptak: Brightening Air (New Focus)
  17. Polka by Kate Romano, Ionel Manciu on Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky (NMC)
  18. Regentrude by Suzie Purkis, Thallein Ensemble, Daniele Rosina (conductor) on 'Aria Cuntata and the Low Miracles (Birmingham)
  19. Frames No.1 by VEER Quartet on Sarah Bernstein: VEER Quartet (Panoramic)
  20. Missing Words II: I. Leertretung (Void-Stepping) by American Brass Quintet on Eric Nathan: Missing Words (New Focus)
  21. Joy Boy (arr. Shelley Washington) by Wild Up on Julius Eastman Vol. 2: Joy Boy (New Amsterdam)