Black Girl Joy Episode 111

FeaturingCLIP,DEBBY FRIDAY, ash tuesday and more!

Vile racistCollier Gwin owner of Foster Gwin Gallery in San Francisco charged with battery.

SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins tweeted on 1/18/23 that Gwin "is being charged with misdemeanor battery for the alleged intentional and unlawful spraying of water on and around a woman experiencing homelessness."


  2. Fuck Tha World by Dreamer Isioma (Dreamer Isioma LLC)
  3. Shower Song by tofusmell (Hardly Art)
  4. Calypso by ash tuesday (Self-Released)
  5. A Long December by Oceanator (Plastic Miracles)
  6. What's Love Got to Do with It? by stories, Jennah Bell (Pockets, Inc.)
  7. Are You With Me? by Highnoon (Self-Released)
  8. Velour by TEK.LUN, kezia (HUH WHAT & WHERE)
  9. stranger danger! by hemlocke springs (Good Luck Have Fun)
  10. Time Waits For No One by Jean Carn on Jean Carn (Philadelphia International)
  11. Risin' to the Top by Keni Burke on Changes (RCA)
  12. Working The Midnight Shift by Donna Summer on Once Upon A Time (UMG)
  13. Rooftop by Tensnake, DRAMA (Aramada Music B.V.)
  14. FALL BACK by CLIP (In Real Life)
  15. Mask 2 My Face by Gangsta Boo on Both Worlds, *69 (Columbia)
  16. Gettin' Some by Shawna on Block Music (The Island Def Jam Music Group)
  17. FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Junglepussy on Jp5000 (Self-Released)
  18. What They Call Me by Rah Digga on Dirty Harriet (Elektra)
  19. Find Out by Liv.e (In Real Life)
  20. I'll Wait by Basit (I'll Wait)
  21. Bounds (Mhmm) by Nápoles (LADIESLOVE)
  22. Honey Love by Tony Njoku on Our New Bloom (PRAH)
  23. No Blood, No Needles, Nothing by ash tuesday (Self-Released)
  24. K.I.S.S by Smoke King (angel777)
  25. Carpenter by Vagabon on Single (Vagabon Music, LLC)
  26. uMalume Wako by Uncle Waffle, DJ Stresser, Given Kau on Red Dragon (Kreativekornerr)
  27. Sugarcane & Lime by Terri Walker, MELONYX, Zed Bias, Rampage Sound (Big Community)
  28. Lone Child (feat. Valerie June) by Tianna Esperanza (BMG Rights Mangement)
  29. Poison by Martina Topley-Bird on Some Place Simple (Self-Released)
  30. Feeling by Lizzie Berchie on Under the Sun (Tru Community)
  31. Perfect by Design by Luna Elle (Hot Freestyle)
  32. surrender. by Iman Europe, Kaelin Ellis (Good Soil Productions)
  33. Prophesize by Ida Sands on Rescue Me b/w Prophesize (Numero Group)
  34. My Mind Holds on to Yesterday by Barbara Stant on My Mind Holds on to Yesterday (Numero Group)
  35. It Hurts Me to My Heart by Faye Adams on Shake a Hand/It Hurts Me to My Heart (Warwick)