Ep 254: "Born with Confused Power"

Episode title "Born with Confused Power" is from the Try the Pie song "Last of You" (bandcamp). They play the Golden Bull Sunday with The 1981, Nothing Natural, and Supercrush, and you can tune into their  show Bean's World every Wednesday on BFF.fm.

Instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm
twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Last of You by Try the Pie on A Widening Burst of Forever (Get Better Records)

    Local Sunday at the Golden Bull: Try the Pie/ The 1981/ Nothing Natural/ Supercrush (Seattle)

  2. Easy (It's Not) by The 1981 on Polaroids EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  3. Ride by Nothing Natural on NN/EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  4. Look Me In The Eyes by Yea-Ming & the Rumours on So, Bird... (Dandy Boy)

    Local Saturday free and early at the Little Hill Lounge in El Cerrito: Yea-Ming & the Rumours/ The 1981/ Soft Notes

  5. Dead Saturdays by Chime School on Chime School (Slumberland)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout: Chime School/ Galore/ Ducks Ltd. (Toronto)

  6. Fire by Galore on Blush (Paisley Shirt) Local
  7. Head On by Ducks Ltd. ft. Illuminati Hotties (Sarah)
  8. Soft Spaces by Preschool on Heart Circle Square (Slang Church)

    Local Saturday in Santa Rosa: Preschool/ Gumby's Junk/ Shutups

  9. Cowboy Analysis by Gumby's Junk on Apple House (Slang Church) Local
  10. Complication by Rip Room on Alight and Resound (Spartan)

    Local Friday at the Peacock Lounge: Gumby's Junk/ Rip Room/ The Snares/ Fee Faw Fum

  11. 10/10x (Iron Out the Crease) by Shutups on I Can't Eat Nearly as Much as I Want to Vomit (Kill Rock Stars) Local
  12. Drench by Parallel on Parallel (Cherub Dream)

    Local Friday at the Knockout: Parallel/ Black Thumb/ Daiistar (Austin)/ Sloome (Modesto)

  13. April Magazine by Black Thumb (self released) Local
  14. move your body by vivian panache on move your body (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Bottom of the Hill: Vivian Panache/ Axl Phoenix/ God's Basement

  15. What It Do by Axl Phoenix on Axl Phoenix (self released) Local
  16. Iris (Rae) demo by James Wavey (self released) Local
  17. Car Show by The Homobiles on Burnin' Rubber (self released)

    Local Saturday at the Knockout: The Homobiles/ Middle-Aged Queers/ Erik Core

  18. Gary's Making Biscuits by Middle-Aged Queers on Too Fag for Love (Sell the Heart) Local
  19. Ways and Means by Erik Core on May Day (self released) Local
  20. Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters on Break Out (Planet) Local