Sounds In The Dark - 2.8.2023

Tonight's edition features lots of new music from Loscil + Lawrence English, The Album Leaf, Matthew Halsall, Arovane, Tim Hecker, Biosphere, Jon Kennedy, Chihei Hatakeyama, and plenty more for your late night listening pleasure.


  1. Nightingale by Mammal Hands on Gift From The Trees (Gondwana Records)

    New New music from the Smart Bros. drops March 31st.

  2. Chance of a Day, Pt. 3 by Erik von Spreckelsen; Bo Stief (Tetragon Music)
  3. Positive Activity by Matthew Halsall on Changing Earth (Gondwana Records) New
  4. 713 by James Francies on Purest Form (Blue Note)
  5. Inventions For Disklavier 1 by Ryan Teague on Collected Piano Works (King Tree)
  6. Black by Loscil & Lawrence English on Colours Of Air (Kranky) New
  7. Strange Days by Hior Chronik on Haze (Ki Records)
  8. Sendai - 1 by Biosphere on N-Plants (Biophon Records) New
  9. Waves from the North by Chihei Hatakeyama on Void XXV (White Paddy Mountain) New
  10. Lotus Light by Tim Hecker on No Highs (Kranky) New
  11. Altitude Language by Abstract Aprils on Mullan Sun (Abstract Aprils)
  12. Wendung by Arovane on Sinter (LAAPS) New
  13. Narcotize by Jon Kennedy on Narcotize (Jon Kennedy Federation) New
  14. Mdrmx by Brothomstates on Claro (Warp Records)
  15. Jungle by Niklas Paschburg + Brian Senti on Jungle (7K!)
  16. Near by The Album Leaf + Bat For Lashes on Near (The Album Leaf/Eastern Glow Recordings) New
  17. Simple by Rhucle on Holy (Night Coast)
  18. Bummel by Lambert on Bummel (Verve) New
  19. Ethereal Mood by Jean-Luc Ponty on Cosmic Messenger (Atlantic Recordings)