Sounds In The Dark - 3.1.23

Tonight's edition features new music from Imaginary Softwoods, Hania Rani, Brian Eno and much more!


  1. Making gardens out of silence in the uncanny valley by Brian Eno on Making gardens out of silence in the uncanny val (Opal)

    New This particular track was part of an audio installation. It's an instrumental version of Making Gardnes Out of Silence, the closing track on FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE. The CD version of the record has this track on it.

  2. Time by Hania Rani on On Giacometti (Gondwana Records)

    New A collection of music commissioned for a new film about Swiss artist Alberto Giocometti - beautiful stuff!

  3. Diagram Of The Universe by Imaginary Softwoods on The Notional Pastures of Imaginary Softwoods (Field Records) New
  4. AC2 by Phondupe on Air Conditioning, Vol. 1 (Air Con Recoreds)
  5. Cenote by Pole on Tempus (Mute)
  6. Blue by Stephan Mathieu on Frequency Lib / Sad Mac Studies (UMEBOSHI)
  7. Torn Page by Eiko Ishibashi on Torn Page (Longform Editions)
  8. A Sea Of Love by Huerco S. on For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (Proibito)
  9. Break
  10. Crick Dynamo by M. Sage (RVNG Intl) New
  11. Nap by Rhucle on Maboroshi No Sazanami (Night Coast)
  12. VIK II by Stereo Hypnosis, Eraldo Bernocchi on VIK (Reykjavik Record Shop) New
  13. Glow by Shuta Yasukochi on Glow In The Dark (Shuta Yasukochi) New
  14. Januar by Pjusk, Andrew Tasselmyer on Sub (Fnugg Fonogram) New