_Ctrl Alt Delete

ChatGPT hosts this weeks episode before reseting itself and is joined by author Denise (Mary) Hasselnok.


  1. Mr. Noah by Panda Bear on Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (Domino)
  2. The Primitives Talk by Zach Hill on Face Tat (Sargent House)
  3. Warm Leatherette by The Normal (Mute Records)
  4. Copy of a by Nine Inch Nails on Hesitation Marks (Columbia)
  5. Doorman by Slowthai on Nothing Great About Britain (Method Records)
  6. I Don't Rate You by Sleaford Mods on Spare Ribs (Rough Trade)
  7. GOODBYE by Brockhampton on TM (Question Everything/RCA records)
  8. Eyes Without a Face by Marsheaux on E-Bay Queen Is Dead (Undo Records)
  9. Dead Weight by Jack Stauber on HiLo (Plopscotch Records)
  10. Man on the Corner by Genesis on Abacab (Charisma)
  11. Local Joke by Neon Indian on Psychic Chasms (Lefse)
  12. L.A. Time by Quichenight on Quichenight I (Q Division Records)