alternate versions of songs (and ourselves)

Sharing some of my favorite alternate versions of songs, which got me to thinking 🤔…

What makes a song THE definitive version?

What is the alternate version of yourself?

Why does karaoke bring out a different person in me? (or is that my true self?!?)

What life events or choices could have lead you to an entirely different path than where you are today?

The answers to these questions may or may not be resolved in this broadcast...


  1. Featured You Know How It Is by Kero Kero Bonito on TOTEP (Double Denim) Info

    You Know How It Is any% speedrun, live from Appleville

  2. Leaving Home (Alternate Version) by Yo La Tengo on They Shoot, We Score (Yo La Tengo)

    Background track

  3. Dreams (Take 2) by Fleetwood Mac on Rumours (Super Deluxe) (Warner)

    "In the stillness of remembering what you had... And what you lost... And what you had... And what you lost..."

  4. I'll Try Anything Once by The Strokes on The Singles - Volume 01 (RCA Records) Info

    Demo version of "You Only Live Once"

  5. Thieves Like Us (Instrumental Version) by New Order on Subtance (Warner)

    Background track

  6. Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 version) by Blondie on Plastic letters (Chrysalis) Info

    Original version before it was re-recorded/released as "Heart of Glass"

  7. Falling And Laughing (Postcard Version) by Orange Juice on Coals to Newcastle (Domino)

    Rough/demo version compared to the polished version found on their 1982 debut album "You Can't Hide Your Love Forever"

  8. Break
  9. Fanshawe by El Ten Eleven on El Ten Eleven (unk)

    Background track

  10. Featured Can't Hardly Wait (The Tim Version) by The Replacements on All For Nothing/Nothing For All (Reprise) Info

    I think this version is more of a true representation of The Replacements vibe

  11. Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World on Clarity (DGC)

    I'll always love the version on Bleed American but like this slightly different and earlier version of the song

  12. Break
  13. The Right to Remain Silent by Silver Jews on The Natural Bridge (Drag City)

    Background track

  14. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) by Pixies on Single (4AD)

    Chill and Pixies don't normally go hand in hand but this version is definitely UK Surf vibes, whatever that means

  15. All Apologies by Nirvana on MTV Unplugged in New York (DGC Records)

    No cap, this is the definitive version of the song, don't @ me

  16. Sugar Daddy by April Magazine on Sunday Music for an Overpass (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Background music

  17. Break
  18. Title and Registration (Demo) by Death Cab for Cutie on Transatlanticism Demos (Barsuk) Info

    Interesting change of lyrics and different instrumentation on this demo

  19. Depreston by Courtney Barnett on Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (Mom + Pop) Info

    Courtney Barnett performs Depreston with the RocKwiz Orkestra, May 12, 2014

  20. Break
  21. We Don't Like Romance by The Promise Ring on 30 Degrees Everywhere (Jade Tree)

    Background music

  22. REALiTi (demo) by Grimes on REALiTi (demo) (4AD) Info

    "This song was never finished. its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha."