Yours, Teddy: Call Me Cheddar


  1. Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick on Dionne (Sony)
  2. Lihue by Nohelani Cypriano on Lihue (Athens of the North)
  3. Just the Way You Like It by Leon Bryant on Leon Bryant (Sanctuary Records)
  4. It's Raining Today by Scott Walker on Scott 3 (Fontana)
  5. Lover Man by Billie Holiday on Billie Holiday (UMG)
  6. A Woman Rules The World by Bill Coday on Bad, Bad Whiskey (Fantasy) Local
  7. Women Are Great by Shango Dance Band on Shango Dance Band (Comb & Razor Sound)
  8. Cloudts by MATTIE, Black Taffy on Jupiter's Purse (Leaving Records)
  9. Finish Line by Cakedog on Menace in the Pahntom (Leaving Records)
  10. Do Better - VIP Mix by Bad Colours, Toribio (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
  11. Featured STFU by Martha Da'ro on Cheap Wine & Paris (Martha Da'Ro)
  12. Underneath the Moon (Komak Remix) by Nenci, Komak on Underneath the Moon (Komak Remix) (Text Me Records) Local
  13. Ceci n'est pas un cliché by Charlotte Adigery & on Topical Dancer (Bounty & Banana)
  14. Offering - A COLORS SHOW by Gabriels (Atlas Artists) New
  15. Featured Dream Alone by Cicada Rhythm on Everywhere I Go (New West Records) Info

    Playing at The Rickshaw Stop with Pokey Lafarge, tomorrow, 3/8/23

  16. Diatom Deli by Disarry / (Interlude: Las Cuevas de San Pedro) on Time Lapse Nature (RVNG Intl.)
  17. Back, Baby by Jessica Pratt on On Your Own Love Again (Drag City)
  18. A Trumpet On The Hillside by Cindy (Mt. St. Mtn.) New Local
  19. Lua Comanche by Bala Desejo on SIM SIM SIM (Coala Records)
  20. I Smile for E by Rahill (Big Dada) New
  21. Hey, Love by Rotary Connection on Hey, Love (UMG)
  22. That's The Way of The World by Charles Stepney on Step on Step (International Anthem)
  23. I Am A Part Of The Wonder by Lonnie Holley, Moor Mother on I Am A Part Of The Wonder (Jagjaguwar) New
  24. Gardetto by Liv.e on Girl In The Half Pearl (In Real Life Music)
  25. Riff Raff by felecita, OhEm on Riff Raff (PC Music) New
  26. De Ja Vu by Cody Currie, Ziggy on Lucas (Toy Tonics)