Ep. 6 Pre recorded #1

Here we go guys! Another Ep comin' at ya! Warren and Connor are back in the studio cooking up another delicious blend of songs to brighten your day and subliminally influence your thoughts and actions.


  1. Next Time Might Be Your Time by "Blue" Gene Tyranny on Trust in Rock (Unseen Worlds)
  2. Made Up In Blue by The Bats on Daddy's Highway (Mammoth)
  3. Motorpsycho Nightmare by Bob Dylan on Another Side of Bob Dylan (Sony)
  4. I'm Gonna Get You Yet by The Dixie Cups on Chapel of Love (Sun)
  5. Break
  6. Strange Powers by The Magnetic Fields on Holidays (Merge Records)
  7. Okay by Shoes on Black Vinyl Shoes (Black Vinyl Records)
  8. Cherry Came Too by The Jesus and Mary Chain on Darklands (Warner)
  9. Break
  10. Big Rock Candy Mountain by The Motorcycle Boy on C87 (Cherry Red Records)
  11. Unpack Your Adjectives by Daniel Johnston on Schoolhouse Rock Rocks (Atlantic)
  12. Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy by Frank Zappa on Bongo Fury (UMG Recordings)
  13. Break
  14. Razzle In My Pocket by Ian Dury on Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Templemill Music)
  15. honey by Marine Girls on Lazy Ways Beach Party (Cherry Red (1984))
  16. Naufrage en hiver (les colliers de varech) by Mikado on Mikado Forever (CZ)
  17. Break
  18. The Streets of Your Town by The Go-Betweens on 16 Lovers Lane (Beggars Banquet)