029 - Emphasis on the Rage


  1. Skullector by All to the Grave on Dead at Lennon (Death Ensemble)
  2. Cataclysmic Certainty by Titan Rage on Titan Rage (3861630 Records) New
  3. Featured Oxycotin + Vodka Pills by Kicker on Pure Drivel (Tankcrimes) Local
  4. Featured Bay Area's Most Hated by The Cutthroats on The Cutthroats (Cuttyboi Entertainment) Local
  5. My Demons Made Me Do It by Sissyfit on Resist Sabotage Disrupt (704201 Records)
  6. More of Us by George Crustanza on Billionaire Blastoff (Phat n Phunk) Local
  7. Six Pack by False Flag on Slaves to Chaos (Crack Records) Local
  8. The Refuge, The Fodder by Grudgepacker on Grudgepacker (The Crows Nest)
  9. Featured It's In My Blood by BL'AST on Blood! (Southern Lord)
  10. Sensory Link to Pain by Primal Rite on Dirge of Escapism (Revelation Records) Local
  11. Out of Control Pt 2: The Sequel by Greybush on This is Punishment (Hangnail Records)
  12. Punk Fucking Metal by Zig Zags on They'll Never Take Us Alive (Riding Easy Records)
  13. Featured Surveillance/Normalization/Examination by Socioclast on Socioclast (Carbonized Records) Local
  14. Nightmare Future by Expulsion on Nightmare Future (Relapse Records)
  15. Reassurance by Acrylics on Despair (Iron Lung Records)
  16. Featured Kawalan by AninoKo on AninoKo (Aklasson Records) Local
  17. United Waste by Deadpressure on Deadpressure (Carbonized Records) Local
  18. Featured Santa Muerte by Death Pickle on Ritualistic Brine Injections (4242811 Records) Local