b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 34)

today we've got sum fun dancey tunes to listen to┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓


  1. Stardust Circuit by Starjunk 95 on Stardust Circuit (Smile Bomb)
  2. Ecstasy by Fabich, Pastel, Jafunk, Bambie on Cafe Kitsune Mixed by Fabich (Kitsune Musique)
  3. Bancroft by Lemtom on Bancroft EP (2503856 Records DK)
  4. You're In My System (Kerri Chandler Remix) by The System on You're In My System Remixes (Ibadan)
  5. Sunday Smackdown by Jerba & Jojo on Sunday Smackdown (yo mama records)
  6. Cody Was a Tank by DATSKO, Itani on Memories (DATSKO)
  7. shutyomouth by DJbouti on Chez Critique: Ephemeral Blue (Critique LLC)
  8. Pilsplaat by Bonkers on Pilsplaat (Buffel Productions)
  9. Merci by Ruze on Hardwire EP (Pitch Records Ltd)
  10. Wanna See U by Lemtom on Wanna See Houston (Miura Records)
  11. Afterparty Lover (Sped Up Edit) by Kenya Grace on Afterparty Lover (Sped Up Edit) (DnB Allstars Records)
  12. Strawberries by K-Lone, Wilfy D on VITD004 (Vitamin D Records)
  13. Wasting My Time by Qemist, NicoTheGoddess on Wasting My Time/ Jungly (Pyramid Network)
  14. Soft Thang by 1 9 0 5, Former City Records on Beats 2 Bomb 2 (Former City)
  16. miro by berlioz, Ted Jasper on miro (Jasper Edward Attlee)
  17. words- Higgo Remix by piri, Tommy Villiers, Higgo on words (Higgo Remix) (UMO)
  18. GO! by GEE LEE on GO! (Crucible Records)
  19. Central Line Jazz by Shaolin Cowboy on 2Be with you (Mutombo Records)
  20. Fast Life by GEE LEE, India Shan on Fast Life (Crucible Records)
  21. The Hustler (Disco Frisco Mix) by Sound Accademy on The Hustler (Disco Frisco Mix) (Strength Records)
  22. Peur des filles by L'Impératrice on Peur des filles (microqlima)
  23. How to Do It? by Tom Van Schuppen on How to Do It? (T.O.M.)
  24. Planet Piano by Dr Gabba on Planet Piano (RAVESTATION) Local
  25. you got your own thing going by sunflwr on you got your own thing going (Mutombo Records)
  26. 2212 by hongye on 2212 (bruh monkey productions)