b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 35)

on today's episode we are featuring some new tunes from ur fav local artists, check it out ◎[▪‿▪]◎


  1. This Time Around by Beauty Queen on Out of Touch (Sleep Well Records)
  2. Baby's Gone by Free the Birds on Free the Birds (Self Released)
  3. Way Ur Touchin Me by Skin On Skin on Save Me (Stay on Sight)
  4. It's The Life by FLEECE on It's The Life (Fleece Music) New
  5. Time Back by Indigo De Souza on All Of This Will End (Saddle Creek) New
  6. In Perfect Time by Xinxin on In Perfect Time (Xinxinplanet)
  7. ghost- luvmaker remix by PENA, Luvmaker on i'm coming over ~ ghost (luvmaker remix) (PENA Records) New Local
  8. Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog by Salacious Wizard Cult on Occult Country Radio (Good Trash Inc.) Local
  9. Red Machine by Tomato Flower on World to Come (Ramp Local)
  10. Get Together by Louis the Child & DUCKWRTH on Here for Now (Interscope Records)
  11. Feels Like Yesterday by Hala on Feels Like Yesterday (Hala Recordings)
  12. Hit Me Just A Little by Tino Drima on single (self release) New
  13. 2 Nice 2 U by Catie Lausten, Benet on Love Too Hard (Catie Lausten)
  14. Apricot by Marika Christine on single (self released) New Local
  15. Corner Babe by Babe Corner, Doohickey Cubical on Corner Babe (Self released)
  16. Better Company by Trophy Baby on Trophy Baby (EP) (Independent) Local
  17. Scratch n Sniff by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park the Van) Local
  18. Racine by Louis Prince on Flounder (Pheasants Forever)
  19. Find You - Demo by Preschool on Heart Circle Square (Self released) New Local
  20. Marbles by Mother Sun on Marbles: Mycelium (Earth Libraries)
  21. Kin by Redbud on Good Eye Records (Good Eye Records) New
  22. A Pale Horse In Roswell 1947 by Monde UFO on 7171 (Universal Freeing Object)
  23. Crystal Ball by Blues Lawyer on All In Good Time (Dark Entries) New Local
  24. Keep It Together by One Car Garage on Keep It Together (Opposite Thought Records) New
  25. Better Machines (Love You So) by Nate Budroe on Better Machines (Love You So) (Self released) Local
  26. feeling ugly by NOVA ONE on lovable (Community Records)
  27. For Now by Lutalo on Once Now, Then Again (Winspear)
  28. Call You by Miranda Fling, Co-Stanza on Call You (Self Released)
  29. She Hit Me First by 26fix on She Hit Me First (Nice Guys)
  30. Electric Love by The Undercurrent on Electric Love (Electric Habit Records) New Local
  31. Friday by Freak Slug on Friday (Freak Slug & Niquo)
  32. Mesmerize by Hey Cowboy! on Mesmerize (Self released) New