Ep. 12 Punk Explosion


  1. Family F**k by DUMB FUCKS on Dumb F***s (self released)
  2. Why by Discharge on Why? (sanctuary)
  3. Do the Uganda by The Controllers on The Controllers (dionysus records)
  4. Mtv (Feeding of the Fortune 500) by Nausea on The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2: 1986-1988 (blacknoise)
  5. Fascist Cops by The Kids on The Kids (CNR music BE)
  6. Alkool by Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers on The Furious Era 1979-1987 (area pirate rec)
  7. These Colours Don't Run by Conflict on There Must Be Another Way - The Singles (mortarhate)
  8. Cult Band by Poison Idea on Pick Your King E.P. / Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes (The Fatal Erection Years: 1983-1986) (self published)
  9. The Psycho Squat by Rudimentary Peni on Death Church (sealed records)
  10. Banned from the Roxy by Crass on The Feeding of the Five Thousand (The Second Sitting) (one little independant records)
  11. Parasites by Nasti on Big Achievements (iron lung)
  12. Good Ol’ Boys by Institute on Subordination (la vida es un mi disco)
  13. Big Zoo by Niis on Big Zoo - Single (self released)
  14. What Is This Hell? by Haram on What Do You See? - EP (1493492)
  15. Gacy's Place by The Mentally Ill on Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses (alternative tentacles)
  16. Kiss Ass to Your Peer Group by No Trend on Too Many Humans/Teen Love (drag city)
  17. I'm Gonna Move To Ny by Lumpy And The Dumpers on Huff My Sack (lumpy records)
  18. Time to Die by Void on Faith / Void (dischord)
  19. Out of Vogue by The Middle Class on Soul Jazz Records Presents Punk 45: Chaos in the City of Angels and Devils - Hollywood from X to Zero & Hardcore on the Beaches: Punk in Los Angeles 1977 - 81 (souljazz records)
  20. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod by Darkthrone on Transilvanian Hunger (peaceville records)
  21. Mind Control by CCTV on Ep - EP (lumpy records)
  22. Laugh by Hammer Damage on Punk 45: Burn Rubber City, Burn! Akron, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-80 (soul jazz records)
  23. Born to Lose by Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers on L.A.M.F. (The Lost '77 Mixes) [Special Edition] (jungle records)
  24. Modern Machine by The Crowd on Beach Blvd. (poshboy music)
  25. Another the Letter (2006 Remastered Version) by Wire on Chairs Missing (pinkflag)
  26. Bible Belt Baby (Hoosier Hysteria) by The Gizmos on Never Mind the Gizmos Here's the Gizmos (1978-1981) (gulcher records)
  27. Drug Me by Dead Kennedys on Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (decay records)
  28. Ice Cream by Erik Nervous on Assorted Anxieties (nailbiter records)
  29. I Want Ya (In My Cell) by Prison Affair on Demo - EP (self published)