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Back by Popular Demand, The Warren and Connor Radio Hour has returned to the airwaves after a twenty three year hiatus! Tune in every Saturday to experience this blissful sonic oasis and tune out the unrelenting, day in day out monotony of everyday existence. Every weekend at 2 p.m. we're gonna be live; playing music, drinking natural light, and waxing poetic about the stuff that really matters. So, without further ado, sit down, relax and wrap yourself in the rich mellifluous tapestry that is, The Warren and Connor Radio Hour.

Heavy Rotation

The Warren and Connor Radio Hour plays Whale Song, Bjork, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Algebra Suicide, Beach Boys, Between, Bona Dish

  • Saturday 2:00 – 3:00pm


  • IM in pain. my tonsils are in a bad way and im very confused in the studio. here are a few of my favorite songs to…

    60 mins

  • "Fresca" stole my show. Good luck I suppose. I'm not bitter, and I am not saying that because I have been informed that I am under…

    60 mins

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  • W & C spinning some oldies today

    S1 E18 60 mins

  • This episode is brought to you by cupids and hearts and sitting in Adirondack chairs at the end of a dock with your partner of many…

    60 mins

  • 60 mins

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