B0ssss 11

The 11th installment of BoooSSSsssssSssS$$ssss radio!


  1. Panis Et Circenses by Os Mutantes on Os Mutantes (Polydor)
  2. Fantasy by Mr Twin Sister on Al Mundo Azul (Twin Group)
  3. Six Days by DJ Shadow on The Private Press (MCA)
  4. Art and Freight by The Durutti Column on Obey the Time (Factory)
  5. Soul Vibrations by Dorothy Ashby on Afro-Harping (Verve)
  6. Animals in the Zoo by Kinks on Percy (Sanctuary)
  7. Circles by Camper Van Beethoven on I and II (Pitch a Tent)
  8. Every Day's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party - 2004 Remaster by The Saints on Prehisoric (EMI)
  9. No Mutuals by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks In Your Head)
  10. Bad Mouth by Fugazi on 13 Songs (Dischord)
  11. Vampires Riding Down Quintana on Mopeds by Golfball Jr. on Golfball Jr. (White Glove Records)
  12. He Dines On Death by Cristina on Sleep It Off (ZE)
  13. Treat yo Motha right by Mr T on Mr T (Mr. T)
  14. California Green by Grant Green on Shades of Green (Blue Note)
  15. Overkill by Men at Work on Cargo (CBS)
  16. U.F.O by Jim Sullivan on U.F.O. (Jim Sullivan)
  17. My Stove's on Fire by Rober Lester Folsom on ABC extinguisher (911)