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A mixed bag of old and new; from Punk to Funk, Jazz, Jams, Rare Grooves, Soundtracks, Beats and more, sprinkle in some Psychadelic World Surf sounds and you're close to the smell of Boss Radio! Loose themes and bits of healthy nonsense, nuggets of wisdom, guest appearances, and always an array of tasty licks; Join your host Eli The Man as he navigates you through one fine hour every Saturday from 3-4 it's Bosssss Radioooooo!

Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 3:00 – 4:00pm


  • YeeeHeee it's all Vinyl today kids!, And all Red Vinyl at that.

    60 mins

  • Holy krikey shnikey, can u believe it! Bosss Radio is 1. Happy Birthday Bossss. Special episode with some old stuff, some new stuff, and some off…

    60 mins

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  • Go niners.... A bit of a dud here, but they can't all be winnners. Still, some good tunes and a strange special guest.

    60 mins

  • Its the first episode of the New Year! and we got some Bob Foxx! And its the fourtyith epidoseee!

    60 mins

  • Giddy up friends, Its Saturday and time for a special episode of BossSSsss rrrRadioooo! Today your guest host Hondo will take you for a groovy journey.

    60 mins

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A varied mix of punk, funk, hip hop, cumbia, reggaeton, metal, and dance music--or whatever the fuck else she feels like.