Sibling Rivalry 5.14.2023 (Granee Handz v. 02)

Its nice to reflect on the importance of MOMs with a bit of Anita, deep house, and Donald Byrd's trumpet. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. OOOUUU by Young M.A. on Herstory (M.A. Music)
  2. Massanga (Yeahman remix) by Africa Show
  3. boxt up by ahwlee on Rap Vacation X-mas (Rap Vacation)
  4. Sfarot by Alek Lee on Sfarot (Antinote)
  5. Murder by UGK on Ridin Dirty
  6. Fairy Tales by anita baker on Fairy Tales (Elektra)
  7. Downtown by Chris Zippel on Nu Ambient Grooves (Funkturm Verlag)
  8. Shes's Gotta Attitude by FULLBODYDURAG on Shes's Gotta Attitude (FXHE Records)
  9. Let You Go (Jerseyclub) by LILC4 on THE BLUEPRINT (Quatrosoundz)
  10. Good Lookin Out by submerse on Good Lookin Out (submerse)
  11. Slow Hot Wind (1974) by Penny Goodwin on Portrait of a Gemeni (Athens of the North)
  12. How They Shine by Ms Ray on Wow is Now (Ms Ray)
  13. Doin It by Gwen McRae on On My Way (Atlantic)
  14. Seventh Heaven (Larry Leven Remix) by Gwen Guthrie on single (4th & Broadway)
  15. Hold Tight by change on Magical Night (Atlantic)
  16. Bade by De Methuda & Njelic on single (Born In Soweto)
  17. I Work For A Living by Fonzi Thornton on Saturday / I Work for A Living (Atlantic)
  18. To the disco 77 by Move D on single (Electric Minds)
  19. Vision Incomunicadas by Carlos Cutaia on Carlos Cutaia Orquesta (self release)
  20. Unknown - Love Eachother by n/a on Brett Johnson's Unreleased Mix vol 2
  21. Another Story by Galcher Lustwerk on Information (Ghostly)
  22. I Love Your Girlfriend by Omar S Featuring John FM on single (Pain)
  23. Paris City Jazz (Original Mix) by Bellaire on Paris City Jazz (AOC Records)