Thee Stork NOT The Stork


  1. disco vampire by rose haze on whatever you want (Self-Released)
  2. Bombs Don't Show Up by Fake Your Own Death on Invisible and Bulletproof (Terry Ashkinos)
  3. Let It Begin by Silent Pictures on Let It Begin (Green Fuse)
  4. Dave Of The Moon by Cherubs on Heroin Man (Brutal Panda)
  5. PDA (Interpol Cover) by Rid Of Me on Sleep Tonight (Knife Hits)
  6. Endless Heaven by Shutups on I Can't Eat Nearly as Much as I Want to Vomit (Kill Rock Stars)
  7. Broke My Own by Shannon Shaw on Cryin' My Eyes Out (Easy Eye Sound)
  8. I Can't Get Free by Anna Hillburg on Really Real (California Clap)
  9. Disappear by Yama Uba on Disappear (3260518 Records DK)
  10. Niteblite by Moira Scar on Wound World Part 1 (Near Dark Records)
  11. Love by Caress on Love - Single (MANIMAL GROUP, LLC)
  12. Circuits - Radio Edit by Kontejas, Ripple Drift, exuvia on Circuits (Raijin)
  13. Forget That It's Summer by Low Praise on Dressing (Medium Friends)
  14. Slog by Juicebumps on Slog (Lil Slugger)
  15. Crackpipe by Hits on Love With You Is Killing Me (Hits)
  16. Out of Body by Pure Hex on Pure Hex (Honeydew)
  17. Heavy by Fauxes on Heavy (Fauxes)
  18. I Wanna Get A Job In The City by The Kids on The Kids (Ludo Mariman)
  19. Do The Right Thing by Lo-Lite on 12 Picks (Red Lounge)
  20. Further Faster by West Cult on West Cult Demo (self released)
  21. Smile More On The Dance Floor by Croissant on Smile More On The Dance Floor (Bodacious)
  22. Slow Years by Dancing Plague on Pure Desperation (Dancing Plague)
  23. Whet by Ex-heir on Body Scam (Body musick)
  24. Frankenstein by Subsonics on Follow Me Down (Get Hip)
  25. Ready to Die by Body Double on Milk Fed (Zum)
  26. Cowboy Grass by Jeffrey Silverstein on Western Sky Music (Arrowhawk)
  27. Oranges by Half Stack on Quitting Time (Processional Cross)
  28. Owe It 2 The Girls by Locate, S1 on Healing Contest (Nicey Music)