1. Withered Tree by Hopeless Jack on Hopeless Jack (John Kenneth Beisel)
  2. Bare In The Light by Kat Heart on Bare In The Light (Kat Heart)
  3. Crowned by Meli Levi on Crowned (Meli Levi)
  4. Tied Up by Mommy Mommy on Tied Up (Self-released)
  5. I'm Not Your Trophy by Roni Jean on When I'm Dancing (Roni Jean)
  6. Shade Of Shadows by Dark Satellite on Death Of a Classic (Cactus House)
  7. Fine as a Vine by Kendra McKinley on Chestnut Street (Kendra McKinley)
  8. Bloody Nose by The Pleasure Routine on Bloody Nose (The Pleasure Routine)
  9. An Invitation by Fang on Landshark (Boner Records)
  10. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)? by Social Unrest on Now And Forever (New Red Archives)
  11. Vulnerable Hours by Night Moves on Single (Domino)
  12. Total Animal Soup by Good Doom on New Shapes For You (Forged Artifacts)
  13. Man Of Chaos by Flight Attendant on Flight Attendant (Moriane)
  14. Not Enough To Win by Loser Soup on Demo Jail (Label for Losers)
  15. Happy Math by Typoe on Not Even EP (AFM)
  16. Taco Truck by Jules Leyhe on Your First Rodeo (Monkey Fingers)
  17. Moonlit Night by The Recyclists on Moonlit Night (Berkeley Cat Records)
  18. Tights Pants by supersonic symbiotic on Narcan your way out of deadly boredom (supersonic symbiotic)
  19. Last Night on the Town by Dirty Twenties on Wasted 28 (4312664 Records DK)
  20. Alone by Object Heavy on Love & Gravity (Color Red)
  21. Session at Zeros by The Bomboras on Songs From Beyond! (MuSick)
  22. Dead Man Surfin' by Frankie And The Pool Boys on The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts (Double Crown)
  23. Where The Hell Is Hello Kitty's Mouth?! by Electric Machine Gun Tits on Love And Puke (Electric Machine Gun Tits)
  24. Deep Ecology by Young Moon on Deep Ecology (Orindal Records)
  25. Cheap Hotel by Michael James Tapscott on The Beasts of History (Royal Oakie)
  26. Not Yet by Izaak Opatz on Mariachi Static (Mama Bird)
  27. The Shape I'm In by Beautiful Dudes on Radio (Mama Bird Recording Co.)
  28. Don't Say You Love Me by miranda and the beat on don't say you love me (self released)
  29. Garage Bat by Olivia Jean on Night Owl (Third Man)
  30. Water On Mars by The Nude Party on The Nude Party (New West)
  31. face first by the paranoyds on face first (suicide squeeze)