Ep 269: "There You Ain't"

Episode title "There You Ain't" is the title of the new EP from Riverside County's Grave Saddles (bandcamp), they play Wednesday at the Makeout Room with Al Harper and Whitney's Playland.

San Francisco is offering up to $5000 in grants for putting on free community events. A forum with previous grant recipients is on Tuesday, and a webinar for new applicants is on Wednesday, with applications closing on June 19. (ShineOn SF Action Awards)

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  1. Deep in Squalor by Tony Jay ft. Griffin Jones on Hey There Flower (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Friday at the Kilowatt: Tony Jay/ Seablite/ Lunchbox

  2. Lollipop Crush by Seablite on Grass Stains and Novocaine (Emotional Response) Local
  3. Before and After by Lunchbox on After School Special (Slumberland) Local
  4. Shadow by Ryan Wong on The New Country Sounds Of Ryan Wong (Rocks In Your Head)

    Local Saturday at the 4 Star Theatre: Ryan Wong album release/ Josiah Flores/ Country Risqué

  5. Long Walk by Josiah Flores on Awful Feeling (self released) Local
  6. Backwards Forever by Whitney's Playland on Sunset Sea Breeze (Paisley Shirt/ Meritorio)

    Local Wednesday at the Makeout Room: Whitney's Playland/ Al Harper/ Grave Saddles (Hemet)

  7. Charade, Charade by Al Harper on Promises I Kept (Homing Instinct) Local
  8. Willie Nelson Golfing Dream #3 by Grave Saddles on There You Ain't (Really Rad)
  9. Nothing, Really by Figure Eight on Drown (self released)

    Local Sunday afternoon at Thrillhouse Records: Figure Eight/ Nothing Natural/ Junebug/ Jock

  10. Tetra by Nothing Natural on NN/EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  11. Buckle Up Baby by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (Clampdown)

    Local Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop: Marika Christine album release/ Katsy Pline/ Wanda What

  12. Always Lower Still by Katsy Pline on No Peace in the Valley (self-released) Local
  13. Make It by Wanda What on double down (youth riot) Local
  14. Fake Glasses by Suver on Treatment Plan EP (self released)

    Local Thursday at Beauty Supply: Suver/ Grace Sings Sludge/ Poppy Patica album release/ Half Shadow (Portland)

  15. Balloon Fest '86 by Grace Sings Sludge on Dilemma (Empty Cellar) Local
  16. Awful Sound by Poppy Patica on Black Cat Back Stage (self released) Local
  17. The Floating Hand by Body Double on Milk Fed (Zum)

    Local Saturday at Unimatrix Zero: Body Double/ Debt Rag (Olympia)/ Cheree

  18. Column by Debt Rag on \\\\\\\\\\ (self released)
  19. A Choice by Cheree on Factory (Cherub Dream) Local
  20. Tie Mao to Mined by Luke Sweeney on Critique of Nature EP (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Kilowatt: Luke Sweeney/ Dust Collector/ Faros

  21. Paraphrastic Connect by Bear Call on Systemizer (Self Release)

    Local Tuesday at the Knockout: Bear Call/ Now and Formerly/ Filthy Fil & the Boots

  22. Under the Gun by Toner on White Buffalo Roam (Smoking Room)

    Local Saturday at Eli's Mile High Club: Toner/ Sour Widows

  23. I-90 by Sour Widows (Exploding In Sound) Local