Ep 270: "Spreads"

Episode title "Spreads" is from the hot new single "American Tower" by Reno's Rotary Club: "American power radiating from the tower, feeding on the waves all the signal's gettin louder as it spreads, spreads, spreads." (bandcamp) Rotary Club plays Friday at Tamarack with Smile Too Much, The Cruelty, and Grave Saddles (Hemet); and they play Saturday at Joy Gallery with Golfball Jr. and Combo.

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  1. Let This Thing Die by Smile Too Much on Welcome to Oakland comp (Dandy Boy Records)

    Local Friday at Tamarack: Smile Too Much/ Grave Saddles (Hemet)/ Rotary Club (Reno)/ The Cruelty

  2. Edible Arrangements by Grave Saddles on There You Ain't (Really Rad)
  3. American Tower by Rotary Club (Iron Lung)
  4. In Your Head by The Cruelty (self released) Local
  5. Backstreets by Shannon & The Clams on Onion (easy eye sound)

    Local Thursday at thee Stork Club: Shannon Shaw/ Anna Hillburg/ Noelle & the Deserters

  6. I Can't Get Free by Anna Hillburg on Really Real (self released) Local
  7. Mona Lisa by The 1981 on Polaroids EP (Dandy Boy)

    Local Friday at the Little Hill Lounge: The 1981/ Planet Birthday/ Whitney's Playland

  8. All the Little Things by Planet Birthday on Celestial Person (Dandy Boy) Local
  9. Sunset Seat Breeze by Whitney's Playland on Sunset Sea Breeze (Paisley Shirt/ Meritorio)

    Local Saturday at Redwood Records in Santa Cruz: Whitney's Playland/ The Telephone Numbers

  10. Weird Sisters by The Telephone Numbers (Meritorio) Local
  11. Flat Horizon by Hits on Cielo Nublado (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Saturday at thee Stork Club: Hits/ Low Praise album release/ Juicebumps

  12. Forget That It's Summer by Low Praise on Dressing (Medium Friends) Local
  13. Trash Crimes by Juicebumps on Hello Pinky! (Lil Slugger) Local
  14. 5 by Demahjiae on *guiding light (self released)

    Local Friday at Eli's Mile High Club: Demahjiae/ Ovrkast./ Fly Anakin (Richmond VA)/ Yungmorpheus (LA)

  15. Tbh! by Overkast. (self released) Local
  16. Chug! by Preschool on Heart Circle Square (Slang Church)

    Local Tuesday at Bottom of the Hill: Preschool/ Medscool/ Titsweat (Eugene)

  17. Ding Dong by Medscool on Ding Dong (Medscool) Local
  18. Cheap Hotel by Michael James Tapscott on The Beasts of History (Royal Oakie)

    Local Saturday at the Rite Spot, Speakeasy Studios presents: Michael James Tapscott/ Alex Kaffer Kissing Book solo (PDX)/ Remedy & Wren/ Minerva Street solo

  19. The Lost Waltz (Everyone Wants to be the Beatles) by Kissing Book (self released)
  20. Wasting All My Time by Golfball Jr. on Golfball Jr. (White Glove)

    Saturday at Joy Gallery: Golfball Jr./ Combo/ Rotary Club (Reno)

  21. Obliteration by Combo on Destroyayaya (Discontinuous Innovation Inc.) Local
  22. West MacArthur by Children Maybe Later on What a Flash Kick ! (Sloth Mate) Local