Ep 272: "Maybe I'm Not"

Episode title "Maybe I'm Not" is from the Croissant song "Invisible": "Am I invisible? I don't know, maybe I'm not." (bandcamp) Croissant play Wednesday at thee Stork Club with West Cult and 70's Belgian punks The Kids.

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  1. Crave by Pleeay on Every Body (self released)

    Local Sunday Pride at the Ivy Room: Pleeay/ Tender Bloom/ Klypi (LA)/ Plasmic (LA)

  2. When They Rose (original) by Mind Mirage (self released)

    Local Thursday at Tamarack: Mind Mirage/ Alex Olive/ Anna Orchid/ Burning Chrome

  3. Lavender, Pink, and Red by Alex Olive (self released) Local
  4. Fruit Salad by Mahawam on Molly House Vol 2 (Molly House) Local
  5. Like This by Bad Tiger (Self-Released)

    Local Saturday early show at the Knockout: Bad Tiger/ Fieldress/ Generifus (Olympia WA)

  6. Escapade by Fieldress on Lost Spring (self released) Local
  7. Write It In The Sky by The Umbrellas (Slumberland)

    Local Friday at Brick and Mortar: The Umbrellas/ Tchotchke (NYC)/ Uni Boys (LA)

  8. Ready to Die by Body Double on Milk Fed (Zum)

    Local Saturday at Eli's Mile High Club: Body Double/ Gushes (NYC)/ Monica Ramos of D.R.A.M.A.

  9. Casper the Apathetic Ghost by Trash Vampires on Atomic Rock Beach (self-released)

    Local Friday at Kilowatt: Trash Vampires/ States of Nature/ No Lights/ Crop Top

  10. The Haunting by States of Nature on Light and Seed (self released) Local
  11. Further Faster by West Cult on West Cult Demo (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Thee Stork Club: West Cult/ Croissant/ The Kids night 2 (70's Belgian punk)

  12. Invisible by Croissant on Croissant (self released) Local
  13. Come On (Now) by Julian Never on Pious Fiction (Mt. St. Mtn.)

    Local Monday at the Starlet Room in Sacramento: Julian Never/ Dummy (LA)

  14. Mono Retriever by Dummy (Sub Pop)

    Tuesday at Bottom of the Hill: Dummy (LA)/ FACS (Chicago)/ April Magazine

  15. Slogan by FACS on Still Life in Decay (Trouble in Mind)
  16. Shrine by April Magazine on Sunday Music for an Overpass (Paisley Shirt) Local
  17. gay1 by princess520 on princess520 (self released)

    Local Thursday Pride at the Knockout: princess520/ Maya Songbird/ Beatcuntz first show

  18. You Should Be Dancing by Maya Songbird on Cats from Venus (Psychic Eye) Local
  19. Long Walks by Madxsen on PROTOFEMCELCORE (self released)

    Local Sunday at Tamarack: Madxsen/ Planet Birthday/ The Goods/ The Dreaded Laramie (Nashville)

  20. Life is a Movie by Planet Birthday on Celestial Person (Dandy Boy) Local
  21. Sweet to Me by Jacob Aranda (self released)

    Local Sunday afternoon at the Junction in Mill Valley: Jacob Aranda duo show

  22. Music and Heart by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (Ghost Mountain Records)

    Local Tuesday at 7pm on BFF.fm: Soft Like an Apricot album release special with Marika Christine and Alexi of BFF.fm's Nocean Beach