Ep 273: "Diddley Squat"

Episode title "Diddley Squat" refers to the Twompsax song (bandcamp), they play their final two shows Saturday on day one of Mosswood Meltdown and that night's afterparty at Thee Stork Club with Warp, Baus, Croissant and Vore.

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  1. Late June by Marinero on High Tone (Big Crazy Records)

    Local Thursday at KQED: Marinero/ Chulita Vinyl Club

  2. For Today by The Lost Days on In The Fade (The Long Road Society) Local
  3. Museum by Ryan Wong on The New Country Sounds Of Ryan Wong (Rocks In Your Head) Local
  4. Carnation Island by Body Double on Voice 2 Skull (self released) Local
  5. Phone Lines Down by Spiritual Cramp (Blue Grape)

    Warp plays Sunday at Mosswood Meltdown

  6. Automatic Gratuity by Warp on Automatic Gratuity (self released)

    Local Warp plays Sunday at Mosswood Meltdown and...

  7. Diddley Squat by Twompsax on I H8 Me (Muddguts)

    Local Twompsax plays their *final shows* Saturday at Mosswood Meltdown and Saturday night at Thee Stork Club with Warp, Baus, Croissant and Vore.

  8. Velvet Pink Heart by Louie Elser (self released)

    Local Friday at El Rio: Louie Elser/ Bombsnax/ Maya Songbird

  9. Piel de Miel by Bombsnax on WATER FOR THE TOWN v.4 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  10. Jane Fonda of the Ship by Grooblen on A Wormhold is a Freeway to the Stars (Riot Daddy)

    Local Wednesday at the Rickshaw Stop: Grooblen album release/ Mayya/ Cardboard People/ Medscool

  11. Try & Try by Mayya on Infinite Possible Futures (Calar) Local
  12. My High, Right? by Cardboard People ft. Del The Funky Homosapien on My High, Right? (War Chant) Local
  13. Ding Dong by Medscool (self released) Local
  14. Chance Encounters by Blues Lawyer on All in Good Time (Dark Entries)

    Local Sunday at Thee Stork Club, Mosswood Meltdown closing party: Blues Lawyer/ Diesel Dudes/ Snooper (Nashville)/ Brower (NYC)/ Gumby's Junk

  15. Bus Boss by Diesel Dudes (self released) Local
  16. Pod by Snooper on Snõõper (Goodbye Boozy)
  17. Living in a Flood by Everyone is Dirty on Caramels for Grandpa (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Makeout Room: Everyone is Dirty/ Indianna Hale

  18. This Song is Sponsored by Absolut Vodka by Middle-Aged Queers (self released)

    Sunday at Eli's Mile High Club: Middle-Aged Queers/ The Hammerbombs/ Loud Graves

  19. Field of Fixing by Mint on Interim (Edgar)

    Local Friday at Artists' Television Access: Mint/ Peña

  20. Bella by Peña on En Vivo (self released) Local
  21. Snurr-skivan by Present Electric on Present Electric (Paisley Shirt) Local
  22. Waking by ASTU on ALTARS (Boyish)

    Local Thursday at Yerba Buena Gardens: ASTU