The Hanging Garden Radio Show 8/27 with host Davey Bones!


  1. Lindsay's Trachea by Cinema Strange
  2. 92 Degrees by Siouxsie and The Banshees on Tinderbox
  3. Always There by The Rose of The Avalanche
  4. Witch Hunt by 13th Moon on Witch Hunt
  5. Lovesick by The Vanishing on Still Lifes Are Falling
  6. Nothing Changes by Death In June on The Guilty Have No Pride
  7. Say by The Creatures on Anima Animus
  8. Blacklist by The Legendary Pink Dots
  9. Something Inside Me Has Died by Kommunity FK on Close One Sad Eye
  10. In The Flat Field (live) by Bauhaus on Press The Eject and Give Me The Tape
  11. All Things Hurt by Masquerade on Blood Is The New Black
  12. Schadenfreud by Wax Idols
  13. Eternal (On and On) by Grave Babies on Holographic Violence
  14. Stars Break Away by Peeling Grey on Our Sky's Falling
  15. Faceless by Screature on Four Columns
  16. Lonesome Hours by Monument on Remain In Silence
  17. Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone
  18. Love The Giver by Claire Voyant
  19. 1964 Shadows by Norma Loy
  20. La Nuit by Asylum Party on Borderline
  21. Saraband by Corpus Delicti on Sylphes
  22. Alexandria (Club Mix) by Mephisto Walz on IIIrd Incarnation
  23. Mondlicht by Xmal Deutschland on Tocsin
  24. Break
  25. Mars by Lucky+Love on Lucky+Love