New Vibes w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 44 06/24/23

Birthday suite. Wear headphones.


  1. I Drew a Line by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark Records) New
  2. Ile by Phil Dawson, Vince Vella & Dele Sosimi on Ile (vvrecordings) New
  3. Poppy by El Train (Chillhop Publishing) New
  4. Smoke Break by Kuna Maze on Night Shift (Tru Thoughts) New
  5. Otagai by Michiru Aoyama on Taisetu (bullflat3.8) New
  6. Joy of a Toy by Soft Machine (Dyad Records)
  7. Water Street by Matthew Halsall on An Ever Changing View (Gondwana Records) New
  8. U by Paul Grant & Brayla on Forward EP (DeepMatter Records) New
  9. The Breaker of Miracles by Burial Grid (Werra Foxma Records) New
  10. Opi by Gacha Bakradze on Pancakes (Lapsus Records) New
  11. Apache (Let the Bass Go) by Basic Rhythm & Sully on Revival EP (Raw Basics) New
  12. Support Your Local by Horatio Luna on Support Your Local Jazzy House Producer (Wooo! Records) New
  13. Perdidos En El Valle by Keope (Bigamo Musik) New
  14. Clearly Rushing by Anz (Hessle Audio) New
  15. Idk by NikNak on Resurface EP (Reel Long Overdub) New
  16. Strange Nights by Tommy the Cat on After Sundown (E-Beamz) New
  17. Tell Me I'm Wrong by Natural Child on Be M'Guest (Natural Child Music) New
  18. Kodek by QuinzeQuinze (S76) New
  19. Heavy is the Soul (feat. Lighght) by Lila Tirando a Violeta on Heavy is the Soul (feat. Lighght) (LTAV) New
  20. Filter System by Polyrhythmics (Polyrhythmics) New
  21. L.A. Night by Yasuko Agawa on DIGGIN' VICTOR (The Compilation) Deep Into the Vaults of Japanese Fusion & AOR Selected by MURO (Victor Entertainment)