New Vibes w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 45 07/01/23

Light transmission. Wear headphones.


  1. Saturdays (Dream Cycle Recycle) by Edmondson (Lissoms) New
  2. Lines by 40 Winks on Lines (Hit The Hay) New
  3. L'addio by Kit Sebastian on L'addio (Mr Bongo) New
  4. But Not Kiss by Faye Webster (Secretly Canadian) New
  5. Between the Past by Woods on Between the Past & White Winter Melody (Woodsist) New
  6. Odyssey by Beck & Phoenix (Capitol Records) New
  7. On Heat by Special Feelings on They're Energised (CoOp Presents) New
  8. Action (feat. Louis Cole & Pera Krstajic) by David Binney (Mythology Records) New
  9. Fuzzbuster #06 by Arthur Russell on Picture of Bunny Rabbit (Audika Records) New
  10. Cyclic Wavez by Piezo on Cyclic Wavez EP (Nervous Horizon) New
  11. Twer Nyame by Ebo Taylor on Twer Nyame (Planet Woo/Comet Records)
  12. Page 3 (feat. K-15) by Steven Julien & Kyle Hall (Apron Records) New
  13. Soapbox Soliloquy by Speakers Corner Quartet (Kwake Bass, Raven Bush, Peter Bennie, Biscuit, Kelsey Lu & LEILAH) on Further Out Than The Edge (OTIH Records) New
  14. Dogs by Martha Skye Murphy (AD 93) New
  15. Beyond the Sun by rRoxymore (Simple Records / AUS Music) New
  16. Star Song by Medasin (Medasin Music) New
  17. Reteoric (Tim Reaper Remix) by Prayer on Io EP (SPHERES) New