some cool shows and movies and things this week


  1. Featured She's So Tuff by Tina and the Total Babes on She's so Tuff (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  2. Featured Running by Snōōper on Music For Spies (Computer Human)
  3. Featured Love Thing by Bratmobile on Pottymouth (Kill Rock Stars)
  4. Featured vanishing by shannon & the clams on year of the spider (Easy Eye Sound)
  5. Featured Obliviion by Ducks Ltd. on Get Bleak (Carpark)
  6. Featured No Paradise by Santigold on Spirituals (Little Jerk)
  7. Featured suffer me by sheer mag on need to feel your love (WILSUN RC)
  8. Featured the universe by Death Valley girls on under the spell of joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  9. Featured rerun by salarymen on rerun (scenic drive)
  10. Featured I want to be loved by ann sex on The Beginning (sound stage 7)
  11. Featured mine by gustaf on audio drag for ego slobs (Royal Mountain)
  12. lomita by dig nitty on reverse of mastery (Exploding in Sound)
  13. Featured year of the spider by shannon & the clams on year of the spider (Easy Eye Sound)
  14. round in loops by spacemoth on No Past No Future (wax nine)
  15. Featured shadows by future islands on the far field (4AD Ltd)
  16. Featured tiny sticks by ESG on come away with ESG (Moody Records)
  17. Featured man of mystery by the shadows on the shadows in the 60s (parlophone)
  18. Featured like a prayer by the rondelles on Shined Nickels and Loose Change (K records)
  19. Featured my horror by Santigold on spirituals (Little Jerk)
  20. Featured Big Black Cloak by Baus on Big Black Cloak (Oaklangeles)