cheetle radio 6.30.23...time warp in exile


  1. television fission by man or astro-man? on experiment zero (Touch and Go Records)
  2. time warp in exile by flat worms (GOD?)
  3. machina machina by snapped ankles on blurtations (the leaf label)
  4. Deleters by Holy Fuck, Angus Andrew on Deleter (Last Gang)
  5. Nitroglycerine by The Gories on I Know You Be Houserockin' (Crypt Records)
  6. commit a crime by mr airplane man on moanin' (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  7. Psychic Future by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds on la arana es la vida (in the red)
  8. cave crawl by warm drag on S/T (in the red)
  9. I Wanna Lose by L.A. Witch on Play With Fire (Suicide Squeeze)
  10. don't call by prettiest eyes on pools (castleface)
  11. drugs by sylvan paul on drugs (ultra records)
  12. better off dead by la peste on better off dead (self)
  13. looking down the barrel of a gun by mattiel on double cover (heavenly recordings)
  14. Nothing People by Fuzz on III (In The Red)
  15. Sharivari by The Dirtbombs on party store (in the red)
  16. Gong of Catastrophe by OSees on Protean Threat (Castle Face)
  17. come and find me by golden hours on golden hours (fuzz club)
  18. Follow Me Home by The Mystery Lights on The Mystery Lights (WICK records)
  19. girls & boys by viagra boys on welfare jazz (year0001)
  20. sold america by damaged bug on bug on yonkers (castle face)
  21. switchboard scientist by POW! on hi-tech boom (castle face)
  22. calling it by automatic on signal (stones throw)
  23. auto loser by party dozen on pray for a party dozen (grupo)
  24. (a bit of a) birthday by heavy lungs on measure (balley records)
  25. victorian acid by ulrika spacek on modern english decoration (tough love records)
  26. disposable thumbs by engless boogie on admonitions (no quarter records)
  27. dedication not medication by the fall on sub-lingual tablet (cherry red)
  28. reduction agent by dion lunadon on dion lunadon (in the red)
  29. for the love of ivy by the gun club on fire of love (Ruby)
  30. it's all in her head by dead rabbits on the ticket that exploded (fuzz club)
  31. wilderness of mirrors by the black angels on wilderness of mirrors (partisan)