the technical difficulties episode πŸ’€

The first half hour of this episode unexpectedly brings us back to The Time I Saw GY!BE Episode, until I finally reset my device audio services and return to the present day.


  1. Fulfillment Center by Protomartyr on Formal Growth In The Desert (Domino) New
  2. Fold The Horse by Lucy Liyou on Dog Dreams (American Dreams) New Local
  3. Apricot by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (Ghost Mountain) New Local
  4. Healing by feeble little horse on Girl with Fish (Saddle Creek) New
  5. These Eyes of Mine by WITCH on Zango (Desert Daze Sound) New
  6. The Abyss by KNOWER on KNOWER FOREVER (Because) New
  7. knives by Phoxjaw on notverynicecream (Hassle) New
  8. Devil's Den by Squid on O Monolith (Warp) New
  9. Make It Up by Stuck on Freak Frequency (Born Yesterday) New